We know party leaders already have their hands full when planning a school trip. That’s why it’s our aim to make sure your school trip plans run as smoothly as possible. That way, your focus can be spent on getting the most out of the experience with your students.

Here’s what we offer to make your experience that much easier.


Letter to your headteacher

Our letter template details everything you need from your headteacher to make sure the trip goes ahead



Letter to parents

Ensure parents are kept in the loop and you have all bases covered with this letter template.



Ski Kit list

Our recommended kit list covers everything your group will need to pack for the activities on your trip.





Quick and handy print-outs for promoting your school ski trip.



PowerPoint templates

We've put together a few PowerPoint templates to help create interest for your next school trip. These include information about some of our destinations, as well as anything that’s subject-specific. We've also left space for you to add your own details.