Benefits of a school trip

School trips and educational visits are powerful, positive teaching tools that help enhance the social, personal and emotional development of all students (and teachers!).  

Participating in a school trip abroad not only allows your group to enjoy new experiences, but can also bring several benefits and other advantages after their return to "normal life". 

“[School trips] give students the chance to interact with their teachers and build new friendships. This opportunity will help them gain experiences while working in groups, which will improve personal development, extend trust in teachers and classmates, and overall help enhance their relationships. Going to new countries can be scary because of language barriers, but this doesn’t have to be seen as a problem. I would say this is an opportunity for students to attempt to learn a new language and expand their cultural experiences.”

Callum Anscombe, A-level student

Our school trips don’t only provide your group with a fantastic time while you’re away! You’ll also notice the benefits for several weeks – or even months – after your return to ‘normal life’.

For students

    • Travelling will enhance cultural awareness and understanding of values, beliefs and perceptions 


    • 60% of secondary students felt they had a better understanding of what they were trying to learn 


    • Being abroad has been shown to develop students’ independence, confidence, self-esteem, personal effectiveness and coping strategies 


    • Students end the trip feeling inspired to learn once back in the classroom: "I probably did more hours of work in that one week than I did in the whole term, I just had so much inspiration from it,” says one Year 10 student 


    • 65% of secondary students said their teachers had a better understanding of how they liked to learn, while 84% of secondary students said that because of the school trip, they get on better with the other pupils in the class. 

For teachers 

    • 86% of secondary students said they get on better with their teachers after a school trip 


    • By gaining a better rapport with their students, teachers gain the confidence to introduce different teaching methods with students. One teacher said: “My teaching is much more kinaesthetic, more practical, more moving around. I trust the kids a little bit more." 


    • Illustrate and enhance classroom work. 


    • Identifying staff strengths and particular skills that may not have been evident within the school or classroom environment, and building on these during and after the trips. 


    • Professionally, teachers and TAs talked about collaborating more often with staff they had got to know whilst on the trips, for example planning joint activities both within and across schools, team teaching, and planning student learning across subjects more effectively. 

For schools

    • Adds to school and departments prestige, creating an attractive learning opportunity for prospective pupils. 


    • Develops successful learners 


    • When residential experiences are integrated with the curriculum, are inclusive, progressive and involve staff and students in planning and following up, the sense of cohesion and of belonging to a community is enhanced throughout the whole school. 


    • School leaders report improved school-wide punctuality, enhanced collaboration in the playground, student leadership of school classes, clubs and events, raised aspirations of students and staff, new teaching and learning strategies, and changed attitudes of parents to school. 

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