About our prices

At Equity, we aim to give you the best idea of how much your school trip is going to cost, so you’re as financially prepared as possible.

Any prices given to you by your dedicated account manager are final and based on several variables such as your group’s size, date of travel, and duration, with no hidden costs later on. Your quote letter, provided to you by one of our dedicated travel experts, will also offer a breakdown of all your trip costs, so it’s always clear how much you’re paying for what.

Please note, however, that any prices displayed on our website are an initial, estimated guide for comparison purposes only, and are subject to change. They are based on low season, accommodation, and transport to the destination. They do not include excursions or meals, for example, which vary greatly from group to group. For more information, please talk to your account manager who can work with you to price your preferred itinerary.


Keeping trip prices down

To keep your quote as close to our estimates as possible, we recommend the following:

Low season travel dates

Low season will be different for each destination, but travelling when resorts and locations are quieter can dramatically reduce the price of your trip. Consider travelling out of season and avoid local holidays, for example Bastille Day (14 July) in Paris.

Maximise your group size

If you aim to get your group total up to 49 people (including free places), this will help keep your overall price down due to the reductions of costs for buses. At Equity, we’ve put the effort into providing promotional materials and other resources for your trip, to help you attract interest among students at your school.

Travel by coach

Travelling by coach (available for European resorts only) is more reasonably priced than air travel, which helps bring the cost per student down. With the technology options now available, entertaining your group on a coach ride isn’t as difficult as it once was, and we’ve found students really enjoy the time to play their favourite games or relax and listen to music on the journey.


If your activities have you travelling all over in your destination, consider staying in the suburbs as opposed to the city centre as this can also reduce the cost of your trip. Try to base adults in twins/triples where possible and avoid single rooms, where hotels will often charge a supplement. Bed-shares for students in the US is the norm for school trips and halves the hotel bill. Consider the balance between hotel standards with your budget and itinerary – for example, if most of your time on your trip will be spent outside of the hotel, then is an expensive, four or five-star hotel really necessary?

Make the most of our special offers

Your local account manager will be able to provide you with details of any special offers we have running, which may also help reduce your overall trip price. Make sure to speak with our account managers at the first instance, and they will advise you on any savings you’ll be able to make.

We understand that price can impact the number of students able to join a trip at your school, which is why we’ll work with you to develop an itinerary that fits within your budget. 

Get in touch with our team on 01273 025 610 to find out more about the latest availability, prices and special offers for your school trip.