From sampling the complex flavours of paella to digging your toes into the city's sun-kissed beaches, Valencia offers a highly cultural school trip for all the senses, and is an excellent option for groups seeking an educational journey amid a bustling, safe city.

Here, students of food technology, nutrition, and modern foreign languages can enjoy the various fruits of the city, as they explore the bustling Central Market, wander through historic El Carmen, and unwind in the scenic Turia Gardens.

But how to know which excursions work best for you? In this blog, we'll provide you with the tools you need to plan your itinerary and budget for a school trip to Valencia, including things to do in the vicinity, and the general costs of everyday items. Read on and discover vibrant Valencia!




Learning objectives covered by a Valencia school trip


Food technology

What better place to study food technology than the home of paella? A school trip to Valencia wouldn’t be complete without a cookery workshop, where your students will learn the secrets of the region’s favourite dish. There will also be opportunities to visit local orange groves and an olive oil factory, while a stroll through Valencia’s Central Market will allow your group to discover previously unknown flavours and aromas. If you get the chance, we recommend trying horchata, a drink made from tiger nuts, which is exclusive to the region.


Spanish language

The third-largest city in Spain, Valencia offers a more intimate atmosphere than Madrid and Barcelona for students to improve their Spanish language skills. The city's incredibly easy to explore on foot and has a welcoming attitude to visitors, making it all the more accessible and suited to your students' benefit. With abundant opportunities to practise speaking with locals in the markets, parks, and beaches, this city is the perfect choice for groups looking for an authentic Spanish language and culture school trip.


Free things to do in Valencia for schools

Valencia offers several free attractions and activities, allowing students to learn about Valencia's rich history, culture, and natural beauty. 


Turia Gardens (Jardín del Turia)

Built on a former riverbed, this vast urban park meanders through the city’s historic centre, and is perfect for walking, picnicking, and playing sports.


Old Town (El Carmen)

Wander through this historic district to see charming antiquated buildings, narrow streets, and vibrant street art. Key sights include the medieval gates Torres de Serranos and Torres de Quart, which were once part of the old city walls.


Valencia Cathedral and Plaza de la Virgen

At the lively square of Plaza de la Virgen, groups can enjoy fountains and cafés galore as they admire the stunning architecture of the cathedral.


Central Market (Mercado Central)

One of the main works of the Valencian Art Nouveau, Valencia’s Mercado Central is one of the largest fresh produce markets in the country, and is an excellent place to teach your students about local foods and architecture.



At Valencia’s beaches, such as Playa de Las Arenas and Malvarrosa Beach, you can expect an abundance of phenomenal food and rich culture spread across its signature golden sands. The city’s location on the east of Spain also means it benefits from the morning sun before anywhere else in the country, with the sea warm enough for swimming from April to November.


Albufera Natural Park

Situated just outside the city, this natural reserve is home to diverse wildlife and beautiful landscapes, with walking trails and observation points being free to access.


Gulliver Park

A unique playground built to depict Gulliver of Gulliver’s Travels, this free park features giant slides and climbing areas we know younger students will love.


Royal Gardens (Jardines del Real / Viveros)

These historic gardens are perfect for a leisurely stroll and feature sculptures, ornate fountains, and various plant species.

Fallas in March. Check the local calendar for any events happening during your visit.


How much do every day items cost in Valencia (2024)?

  1. Single metro ticket (A or B zone): €1.50
  2. Coffee: €1.95
  3. Burger and fries in a fast food restaurant: €11

Ready to book your school trip to Valencia?

From the culinary delights of authentic paella workshops to the immersive experience of speaking Spanish with locals, every aspect of Valencia contributes to a profound, educational school trip for your students. The city's historic sites, vibrant markets, and serene natural parks further offer variety to your trip, meaning Valencia not only enhances students' specific subject knowledge, but also ignites their curiosity and passion for exploring Spanish culture.

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